Unfortunatly only two of the planned pre-paid courses got enough participants to be held, but training with Berit H. Bunkan and Melanie d´Ursel, and training in Therapeutic yoga with Heidi P. Wiese and Kari Lorentzen, as well as all open lectures will go as planned (marked in green in program underneath)

Be welcome!

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Friday (17.30 pm to 21.00 pm)

Open to all/ free entrance lectures 

Braatøy Bülow Hansen tradition (Berit Bunkan) (30 min)

In this lecture an introduction to the work of psychiatrist Trygve Braatøy and physiotherapist Edel Bülow Hansen will be given. Their work is the origin of the Norwegian psychomotor physiotherapy.

Wilhelm Reich – The footprints of Wilhelm Reich in Norway (Per Harbitz) (45 min)

The Influence of Reich in Norway is somewhat special and worth a  Discussion. Maybe we also will discover something about the origin of psychomotoric physiotherapy.

Relation and Body (Jorunn Lien) (1 hrs)

In this lecture an analysis of the concept of relation in Relational-oriented character analysis (psychoanalysis), Character analysis and Norwegian psychomotor physiotherapy is presented. A background for the presented study is the development of Character analysis by Wilhelm Reich, who stayed in Norway during the interwar period. Reichs concept of character and Character analysis has influenced the development of therapist‒patient relation within Norwegian psychoanalysis and other dynamic traditions in Norway. It is claimed that psychomotor physiotherapy may benefit from a psychoanalytically oriented concept of relation in order to understand and explore challenging aspects of the therapist-patient relationship.

Saturday – Sunday August – (09.00 am – 15.00/ 17.00 pm.)

Paid courses 


Therapeutic Yoga in Mental Health Care (Heidi P. Wiese & Kari E. A. Lorentzen) (12 hrs)

Yoga is said to be the oldest body-mind oriented discipline in the world. The intention of yoga has always been therapeutic. Through our course we want to illustrate how modern yoga can preserve its healing intentions; by drawing on and including knowledge from modern psychology, physiotherapy and psychotherapeutic approaches. Our target audience is health professionals wanting to use yoga as a supplement in their clinical work, as well as yoga teachers and yoga therapists wanting to work and develop professionally within the mental health care sector. The course will address questions like; What is yoga? Is traditional philosophy, theory and practices relevant in mental health work? What are the common problems of mental health in modern society? What can be the benefits of integrating yoga as a wisdom tradition and psychology as an academic discipline? What is psychotherapeutic yoga? What does research on yoga and psychological health indicate?

Advanced training in Braatøy Bülow Hansen tradition (Berit Bunkan & Melanie d`Ursel) (12 hrs)

The Process oriented body psycho-therapy, is based on the Braatøy and Bülow-
Hansen’s psychomotor physiotherapy (BBHP). Why treat the whole person?
Why stand or not to stand on one’s own two feet. We will look at the strong
and the weak sides of the BBHT. Important are the stretch reflexes, and the
neck reflexes and how to activate these and analyse how these influences both
the flexion and the extension patterns of the body. We will also do Circular
grips, Light touch and treatment of the connective tissue. All influences the
person inclusive the body image in the brain. Melanie D’Ursel will demonstrate
how she uses biofeedback from the digestive system, with help of a
stethoscope. We, invite psychomotor physiotherapists, body psychotherapists
and physicians to our course. Welcome.

Saturday August (13.00 pm – 13.45 pm)

Open to all/ free entrance lectures 

Research on Norwegian psychomotor physiotherapy (Kirsten Ekerholt) (45 min) 

Kirsten Ekerholt is presenting her research on Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy, with main focus on three items:1) Patients’ experiences with Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy.  Five articles published in international/national Journals.2) Expert psychomotor physiotherapists’ experiences with Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy. Two articles published in international journals, one article is submitted.3) Effect of Norwegian psychomotor Physiotherapy.  One article published in international journal.

Sunday August (13.00 pm – 13.45 pm)

Open to all/ free entrance lectures 

Principles and practice of Norwegian psychomotor physiotherapy with children (Gro C. Montarou) (45 min) 

Gro C. Montarou will illustrate how to use Norwegian Psychomotoric Physiotherapy to children and adolescence to develop better mental-/physical health and autonomy. The workshop will put emphasize on practical and playful exercises, how to facilitate potential space and explore bodily resources, suitable for youths with mental health problems.