Welcome to Dr.philos Berit H. Bunkan´s SUMMER UNIVERSITY Oslo 16th-18th of August 2019

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Dr.philos Berit H. Bunkan will be celebrating her 90th Anniversary this summer!
She works at Center for Senior Competence at OsloMet, and is a nestor within Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy.

16th -18 th of August 2019 will be a weekend of open, free lectures and paid courses with limited spots, on topics within Body Psychotherapy like Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy, Comprehensive Body Examination, Vegetotherapy, Therapeutic Yoga, Supervision in Body-therapeutic work and more!

Please take a look at the Program and go to Registration, to sign up for the course you mostly prefer. If you have any questions, please go to Contact

Therapeutic Yoga in Mental health care

One of the courses at the Summeuniversity 2019 will be a 12 hour course on yoga as a supplement to ordinary treatment in mental health care. Are you a yogateacher or a health professional wanting to explore the use of yoga within mental health work, this is a course for you. No experience with the fields needed.

The course is approved by the International Association of Yogatherapists (IAYT) and give 14 credits as a Approve Professional Development Course (APD) for IAYT certified yogatherapists.


Yoga in mental health